The Dream Team Against Zero-Day Attacks:
Safe-T Software Defined Access & Check Point SandBlast


Organizations today face a lot of challenges in securing sensitive data. They are faced with:

  • Insider threats - such as data exfiltration and leakage
  • External threats - such as zero-day malware and ransomware
  • Complicated integration with existing security solutions
  • Constantly evolving regulations and compliance


Check Point SandBlast protects against zero-day malware attacks and Safe-T Software Defined Access solution secures all data exchange scenarios, including software defined access (secure email, file uploads and cloud access). Safe-T also secures application data exchange, such as business to business and application to application.

Check out how, together, Check Point and Safe-T help your business to fight against Zero Day Attacks by protecting high value data exchange from within or outside your organization.  


Check Point SandBlast and Safe-T Software Defined Access Integration | Solution Brief

Check Point SandBlast and Safe-T Software Defined Access Integration | Battle Card

Safe-T and Check Point Demo Pt.1



Safe-T and Check Point Demo Pt. 2