Safe-T SDP Cloud Service - Zero Trust Network Access for the Cloud

How can you achieve Zero Trust in the Cloud?

Today, Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions are recognized as the most effective means of providing your organization with a true Zero Trust infrastructure. 

Now, Safe-T SDP Cloud Service is enabling organizations of any size and kind to reap the benefits of the cloud, while retaining control over information.

With Safe-T SDP Cloud Service you can:

  • Reduce management and maintenance costs 
  • Maintain control of sensitive data and keys, certificates or user credentials
  • Deliver Zero Trust Network Access in the most scalable and flexible manner

So turn cloud-based Zero Trust in a reality with: 

  • An Enterprise-grade firewall that’s constantly in deny-all state, providing only application-level access
  • All traffic to and from the enterprise handled on outbound connections
  • Native HTTP/S, SMTP, SFTP, APIs, RDP,  WebDAV support
  • IPSEC-based or client-less access to applications and data
  • Support for all access scenarios - human users, applications, IOT
  • Robust authentication options – Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Okta, DUO Security, built-in OTP, Token and more.
  • Integrated User Behavioral Analysis (UBA), enabling detection of anomalous user behavior, preventing insider threats before they do harm
  • Full auditing, tracking and reporting of any configuration changes
  • Robust reporting on system performance and user activities

It’s the only all-inclusive ZTNA solution that extends the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to SDP. 

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