Safe-T SDP Cloud Service


Safe-T Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) cloud service is changing the way organizations grant secure external access to their services.

With Safe-T SDP Cloud Service, you can:

done_white_2048x2048  Provide application access only AFTER trustworthiness has been validated

done_white_2048x2048  Ensure your firewall is constantly in deny-all state

done_white_2048x2048  Support all users and all applications

done_white_2048x2048  Provide seamless user experience

done_white_2048x2048  Protect and control data access and usage

done_white_2048x2048  Detect the presence of bots or authenticated malicious insiders leveraging        fully integrated User Behavioral Analytics (UBA)

It’s everything you need to protect your most sensitive documents.