SmarTrasfer™ SIFS (Secure Internet File System) – Secure NTFS File Share and Access with Internal and External Entities

SmarTransfer SIFS is a Secure Internet File System, whereby internal and external users can gain transparent access to secure storage. What appears as a standard mapped network drive is actually a secure, encrypted and access-controlled channel to interact with files – upload, download, copy, open, delete, etc. while not relying on vulnerable protocols such as SMB.

All transactions are subject to the policy enforcement and workflow engine of Safe-T’s SDE (Secure Data Exchange) product, thereby ensuring secure and controlled access to any file type and content meeting governance and audit requirements.

Benefits of SmartTransfer SIFS

  • An extension of the HTTP Protocol
  • Supports file I/O operations on remote file servers with full file function capabilities such as: upload, download, copy, create, open, move, delete and NTFS complimentary permissions associated to users and groups
  • Clientless capabilities minimize the complexity of managing desktop client installations and upgrades, and it is transparent to any operating systems (Windows/Mac/Linux) by using HTTP URL only and authenticating using standard authentication methods: Kerberos/Negotiate/NTLM/Multi-factor/IDP/Header-Auth/AUTH2/Smart-Cards/etc.
  • Server side capabilities maximize the security on overall users file transmissions
  • Ensures secure and controlled access to any file types and content
  • It acts as a secure file gateway between users and remote file servers while enabling third party integration and enforced policies (AV/DLP/etc.) to help prevent any unauthorized access or usage (changing file original format, encrypting files, Ransomware attacks, etc.)
  • From the user’s perspective, it acts as any mapped drive, including sharing links to the mapped drive with other users